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U.S Visa and Work Permits for Companies

Building up your business in the United States is an exciting yet equally challenging business decision. To be able to cope up with these challenges and make sure you step into the US markets without any hassle, you surely need an experienced and professional team of employees to help you establish your company in the US. If you have been looking forward to relocating any human resource for ease, it is always necessary to make sure you have all the essential visas and permissions to legally work in the United States.

Types of US Working Visas and Permits

As a nation with a complex and large structure, the United States is a land of opportunities for foreign companies to grow and develop their businesses. Consequently, it requires several US Work Visa for foreign employees. While most foreign employees do not necessarily need a US work permit as their visa can be used as a permit as well. However, there are certain work visas for us which primarily include -

  • E-2 Visa for prospective investors

  • I Visa for International media representatives

  • H-1B visa for professionals belonging to a special occupation. It is the most common working visa for the US and probably the one your employees would require the most.

  • H-1C visa for registered and licensed nurses

  • L-1A/B visa for intracompany transferees

  • O visas for international individuals with extraordinary accomplishments or abilities

  • TN NAFTA visa for professionals belonging to Canada or Mexico.

What Are the Requirements to Obtain a U.S. Work Visa?

To obtain a U.S. Work Visa, it is required for the international employees to provide the following documents to complete the process -

● Written evidence of an employment offer from a company based in the United States. The employment evidence can be produced through electronic sources but all documents of evidence should be provided with the due authentic sources.

● A copy of their resume or CV.

● Copies of their passport and any relevant or the highest degree certificates and transcripts. Moreover, the employers are also required to submit certain documents to obtain Work Visas for the US. These include -

  • Federal Tax ID number of the company

  • The job position title, salary range, and other job requirements for the position along with a prescribed and detailed job description

  • The name, address, and contact number of the company

  • The name and job position of the employee signing the required forms on the behalf of the company

  • All necessary filing forms along with the prescribed fees

How to obtain US Work Visas

To obtain US work visas, it is the responsibility of the employer to file a petition for each employee who will require an H-IB visa. Also, there is a certain application process that needs to be followed here. Below are the steps that need to be followed -

  • Filing petition - The first step to obtain a US work visa is to include a variety of job-specific data which will include the exact dates of employment and responsibilities of the job position.

  • Determining prevailing wage and actual wage - The employer is required to file a form with the State Employment Security Agency in the United States to identify the prevailing wage in the area. the actual which can be determined by comparing the wages of other workers in the same job role with the same experience level as the employee and the company. Hence, the employer must pay the higher of the two.

  • Filing a Labor Certification Application (LCA) - The company agrees to pay the previously determined wage and offer the international employee the same benefits as other employees by signing this form.

  • Approval of LCA - Upon completing the other procedures, the company will receive a certified copy of the labor certification application from the US Department of Labour. It is also required for the company to post a notice at the worksite that the company has applied for the LCA.

  • Filing petition with the US Citizenship and Immigration services - Upon completion of the above procedures the company will obtain a receipt with a reference number. This is then followed by receiving a notice after which the employee can start working for the required company.

Further considerations for US Work Visas

An important consideration concerning the US Work permit Visa is that the USCIS restricts the number of available H-1B visas issued each year, so it is always good to apply at your earliest. It is also important to note that this visa is very for up to three years after which you can apply for its renewal for a total of 6 years.

How Globalization Solutions can help you get your employees to work in the US?

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