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Setting up a US subsidiary

Setting up a US subsidiary is as complex as it seems. It is not just about perceiving the idea of establishing a subsidiary in the US, but it is the complicated process that follows. While each state has its legal requirements that you will need to take care of apart from the federal laws, it is also necessary to take note of knowing what you are required to set up a subsidiary while avoiding any penalty and ensuring that the process is as easy as possible!

How to set up and manage a subsidiary in the USA

To establish a Company setup in the US and manage it may seem like a big deal, but we have broken down the steps for you. Here are few steps you need to follow -

  • Choosing the location - The results of the market research, geography, infrastructures, transport links and other factors decide where your land of operations would be. It is also important to take into consideration the taxes in Federal and state laws as some local governments usually offer certain tax incentives to attract companies to their city or state.

  • Identify the legal structure - There are several structures of the US entities you can decide for the legal structure of your subsidiary. However, it is also essential to discuss these matters with your US tax and legal advisors who would counsel you on the best options available. Once you get clarity on the strategy you would like to have, you can proceed with the next steps.

  • Establishing employment and HR structure - After completion of the operation, you can start hiring any success manager who can guide you through the journey of creating your employment offers, and an employee guidebook, including payroll, health benefits, and retirement plans.

  • Planning ongoing management and compliance - It is equally essential to ensure that you have the right professional guidance for managing your US subsidiary with proper compliance.


In-country laws for setting up a subsidiary in the U.S.

The laws for a US Subsidiary depend on the particular state and whether a company is a corporation or an LLC. However, certain laws apply to all corporation subsidiaries in the US. For instance, every corporate need to obtain a taxpayer identification number from the Internal Revenue Service to proceed with the next steps. In certain States, a business is also required to comply with certain state and local regulations and licensing laws which may require you to register your subsidiary with the local tax authorities.

There are not too many standard laws for subsidiaries in the United States which is bi a lot of foreign businesses usually hire an attorney to get help in compliance with the legal requirements of setting up a subsidiary in the US.

Benefits of setting up a subsidiary in the U.S.

Certain benefits of establishing a subsidiary in the US includes complete control of your business and risky situations that come along. Consequently, setting up a subsidiary when you are not aware of US laws can be a challenging thing. On the other hand, outsourcing services for establishing a US subsidiary also offers several advantages for the company looking forward to setting up their foot in the US market for the very first time.

Similarly, it takes a lot of time, money, and other resources to establish a subsidiary in an alien country and the US cannot be an exception here. you will need to get your business registered with its name and class of entity along with the state and open a corporate bank account in the United States. You will also need to find and get a physical office space registered for your business in any locality that you find suitable for your business. Initially, the process of establishing a subsidiary in the United States can take months from scratch but it can be especially longer as you will need to work with several different operations at the local state and Federal levels given that the situation will be completely new to deal with.

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