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Multi Countries Billing & Payments No More Headache

Does your client want you to bill for services in one country while performing work in a second and possibly getting paid in a third? Is a customer asking you to do work all over the world but wants your invoices to reflect one currency that is not even your own? Do tax laws governing the import and export of services leave you feeling uncertain.


Globalization Solutions can help. Our excerpts understand the complexity of multijurisdictional billing and payments. Our team will handle it all for you. We allow you to make one payment, in the currency of your choice, and we will manage the rest. Making mistakes in foreign billing, foreign tax treatment, treaties, and international banking can be costly. In some cases, penalties can extend to criminal conduct. Avoid it all by letting Globalization Solutions handle it.

We are a domestic, and we were asked to provide service for a long-term client’s new subsidiary. They needed us to help with their oil rigs in the Indian Ocean. Our client’s subsidiary was based in the UAE, our workers were sourced from India. The clients needed payments to be in Euros. The hassle was enough for us to walk away from the project, then we called Globalization Solutions. They sent us one simple monthly invoice in US dollars and handled everything else

Fast Payment

Credit International beneficiaries in Second and, at most, minutes.

End To End Tracking

Tracks Payments end to end in real-time.

Fee And FX Transparency

See bank fees charged and FX rates applied.

Extensive Knowledge

Management of multi countries payroll, taxes, payments, and compliance demands extensive knowledge and an immense amount of time.


The laws associated with taxes are different all across the world, hence to mitigate the tax liabilities created by traveling employees a payroll management expert is a must. We take care of the issues by keeping in mind the prevailing laws. We consolidate multi countries payments in a single invoice in the currency of your choice making it convenient for you to manage and focus on business growth.

Nullify cross-border tax payroll situations while expanding overseas

Companies while looking forward to expanding their operation overseas increased the demand for employees to travel overseas. Since cross-border transactions are evolving as a more complex and frequent thing, companies are becoming unable to understand their responsibility associated with retaining taxes.


Globalization Solutions assists clients with a centralized and consolidated solution to processing and global reporting of payroll.

Why Our Services

We have invested in managing our payroll services via a global portal which enables us to control our operations comprehensively and also facilitates compliance in every local jurisdiction. Our head offices are connected at central positions where they report the data associated with the local jurisdiction and other aspects as a result a close-knit system is maintained for the better performance of our team and company.

  • The one-stop source for payroll management and reporting.
  • Globalization Solutions manages the payroll processes.
  • Making sure local compliance takes place effectively with legislation taxes and social security laws.
  • Rapid solutions provided on tax advice and also time to time updates are provided on tax-related aspects.
  • Utilization of comprehensive payroll software meant for specific jurisdiction.
  • Customization provided on group payroll and financial reporting to clients depending on their requirements.
  • Reduced amount of group reporting periods.
  • Easy accessibility of employees’ pay records.
  • Single central global relationship manager connects with multiple local relationship managers to keep up with the jurisdiction data and for keeping up with the payroll processing as well.