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Employer of Record in Malaysia

Globalization Solutions provides Employer of Record Services in Malaysia to assist you to overcome the challenges of global hiring. With our professional assistance, we undertake administrative responsibilities so that you can pay attention to core business objectives. We help you reduce the maintenance risks of a local establishment while recruiting personal from the potential job market in Malaysia without any delay. If local expertise is your biggest concern while expanding your business operations in Malaysia, relying on an employer of record is the most recommended idea to achieve your business goals. Save time and cost and say goodbye to your worries.

Benefits of using Employer of Record in Malaysia

An employer of record facilitates you to quickly hire and engage the talent in Malaysia without the additional cost and hazard of having a local entity. Our professional employer of record services in Malaysia is dedicated to establishing a trusted relationship with your workforce. We help you with a simple hiring process so that you get employees on board quickly. Our assistance is not limited to providing recruitment support, but we also assist you with visas, work permits, local payroll and tax, and lots more. Besides, we help you understand the details about employee benefits, paid leave policy, and local job contracts to ensure complete employment support. While providing our services, we make sure that compliance with country laws is fully taken care of so that you can engage yourself on employee’s performance resulting in business success. Outsourcing the employer of record is the safest way to onboard international talent with a professional approach.

We take care of every aspect:

  • Working hours
  • Health Coverage
  • Maternity and sick leave
  • Vacation and holidays
  • Compensation and bonuses
  • Termination and severance

Looking for a trusted partner?

Whether you want to expand your business or looking to hire professionals in Malaysia, our seasoned consultants are ready to assist you with their expertise. To provide you with cost-effective services, we accommodate your customization needs so that it suits your demands. It keeps you away from the hassles of establishing a legal firm in a foreign location and saves extra costs to operate international employees. Our professional team at Globalization Solutions is efficient to hire and engage talent within days and reduce your management burden without compromising with country compliance. Scroll through our service page and pick the desired service. We are ready to assist you to find your dream team. Contact us now!