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Ensure prompt, meticulous salary distribution to foreign Employees.

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Overcome Global Payroll Hardships

Whether your business has one single employee - or many thousands around the world - we provide you with a fully managed, standardized payroll service wherever you operate. We offer local service delivery that’s underpinned by regulatory compliance expertise, ensuring that your payroll is processed accurately and on time, every single month and in all countries, while you remain in control locally. With Globalization Solutions, you benefit from centralized coordination and oversight, and a strategic point of contact that allows you to maximize efficiency, enhance visibility and streamline communications. You also get direct access to our in-country teams and all aspects of our global Payroll services.

Our Global Payroll Offerings

Expert Service

Globalization Solutions generates millions of payslips every month for our global clients. This means your payroll is dealt with professionals abiding by in-country laws.

End To End Services

From salary credit to monthly payslips and final settlement, Globalization Solutions can deliver above the expectation payroll administration.

Stress-free Global payroll

Outsourcing your payroll services to Globalization Solutions gives you peace of mind and plenty of time to focus on other business processes.

Data Security

Our payroll processing systems are certified and abide by all legal compliances. Our up-to-date technology gives you the assurance that your sensitive and confidential data is in safe hands.

Flexible System

Sorting complexities of payroll structure our payroll system gives you numerous flexible options like computing variable pay, complex pay structures, multiple salary revisions, and more.

Modern Technology

Our payroll data management system utilizes the latest technology to give you a superior, fully automated error-free payroll system experience with 100% accuracy.

Global Presence

With a presence in 170+ Countries, we manage payroll anywhere in the world.

One Stop Shop

Globalization Solutions being your single point of contact not only take care of your payroll needs but can also give you the best solutions for Staffing, Statutory Compliance, HR Consulting, and Recruitment services.

Process Automation

Augment local manual payroll process with central process automation and digitization tools.

Our Approach To Global Payroll

Saving your precious time and resources by outsourcing your global payroll and tax system will reinforce the communication and association among you and your national employees.


Look forward to higher productivity and utmost employer satisfaction by trusting us with your payroll and tax administration.


Our experts assist you by maintaining each payroll process, clarifying the employment costs, and promising on-schedule payments each time, for you to focus on other vital aspects, while we manage the rest.

Hassle-free employment worldwide

Maintaining the pace by being updated with continuous changes with policies, rules, and regulations takes great effort. With Globalization Solutions, you receive reassurance, focus, and a stable mind so that you can manage other important matters while we do the hard work for you. We organize your reports, fill in the tax requirements and ensure abiding by the rules and norms while managing employees in other countries and recruiting workers for new startups.


Our considerable effort with global workforce has provided us the expertise to lessen any tax affair that they might have while undertaking global projects. We make global payroll and tax management systems quick and easy within the country.

Committed to make a positive impact and engage the skillful

Globalization Solutions benchmark as professional recruiters means that we are correlated with clients and globally linked with partners. Our assistance shifts your focus purely towards business expansion and planned goals, while our team offers unmatched support regarding tax issues and payroll strategies.


Our unparalleled services prioritize your goals and help you steer in the right direction towards rewarding prospects globally.

Ensure hassle-free global payroll system

  • Make the most of our platform for all kinds of payroll management solutions across the world and ensure.
  • Total accuracy to retain confidence in the most compliant financial management support worldwide.
  • Timely payment ensures to experience growth with one less worry of salary distribution without delay.
  • Remarkable global presence in more than 170+ countries to ensure assistance of in-country experts anytime, anywhere.
  • Transparent pricing to ease you off with transactions without any extra stress of hidden charges for services.

Why Choose Globalization Solutions as your Payroll Service Provider?

  • Reliability and continuity of service
  • Opportunity for reduction of operating cost
  • Accurate handling of legislative requirements
  • Availability of more time for core business activities
  • Flexible, accurate, and timely delivery
  • Improvement in management productivity and information
  • Opportunity for reduction of operating cost
  • Focus on continuous improvement of processes
  • Fully compliant employment contracts
  • Timely Payments No Delays
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