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Expedite employees move to an international location and maximizing efficiency.

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Stress-free Global Mobility & Immigration

We provide a comprehensive mobility solution to our clients at every step with a single point of contact eliminating the need for third parties for different steps of the immigration process. Be it working on the residence permits, providing visa service to employees, business travel, or reallocation to global locations, we handle all processes from head to toe to save your time and lessen your efforts. With Globalization Solutions, you benefit from centralized coordination and oversight, and a strategic point of contact that allows you to maximize efficiency, enhance visibility and streamline communications. You also get direct access to our in-country teams and all aspects of our global Payroll services.

Customized Immigration Solutions

Business / Mobility Visas

Our unrivaled capabilities to obtain business and work visas for corporations worldwide are fast, convenient, and secure.

Speedy Transition

Our in-country experts expedite the transition process. With us, your employees can migrate to new markets faster than expected

Dedicated Support

We act as a single partner to handle the end-to-end immigration process. We assist our clients in every aspect of global mobility and reallocation.

Compliant Services

We do not simply manage and drive a process — we manage the legal substance and strategy for a case, informing the relevant immigration or business risk.

Hassle-free mobility

Our complete business and work visa process management takes away the headaches of complex and ever-changing legal and compliance procedures.

On-time reporting

Our detailed reporting ensures timely updates on applications status, visa expiry triggers, and in-country compliance reporting where required.

Our Approach

Globalization Solutions delivers seamless immigration support for the smooth relocation of new hires and any business travelers.


We focus on simplifying international outposts by serving with our expertise of helping you avail of long-term or temporary business-related visas, ensuring residence permits, and setting up long-term work authorizations.

Customized Mobility Solutions

Your global expansion upgrades your business to greater heights. There comes diverse culture, no labor shortage, and international talent reach. We simplify your get-together of the managers and staff; this means Globalization Solutions provide on-the-ground support for your global immigration and relocation needs.


Our global mobility immigration practice is supported by a dedicated partner network of legal practitioners, ready to help you in more than 170 countries with no intervention of any third party.

What Set Us Apart

Ranging from paperwork of immigration to relocation, we cover everything- no need to hire third-party. Leveraging our knowledge to simplify your global reach!

  • Our global expansion aims to blend your existing structure into the international post.
  • The single point brings you and your prospective employees together with global visas.
  • All-rounded support ensures all immigration processes undergo smooth customization.
  • Our speedy maintenance complies with all necessary actions with global regulations.
  • Faster growth with seamless management ensures your safe, risk-free recruitment.
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