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Our global business moves quickly, but we never forget that our clients, employees, and community make us who we are.

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Our Journey

The story of our International national support group started with a request from a client. Globalization Solutions had become an established leader in HR and Project Support services. One of our largest customers asked if we would be willing to assume the Employer of Record and Management of a large project in Costa Rica. We agreed knowing very little about what it would take to accomplish the task. Through the use of local experts and internal restricting, we launched a group that not only accomplished the goals of our client but did so with excellent results. The same client as us to do the same thing in another LATAM country and then a third.

By the third country, Globalization Solutions had established a strong methodology for success. The service offering was rolled out to our other customers and they jumped on the idea. Within 24 months Globalization Solutions had established offices in 23 countries for managing employer of records, projects, and HR issues for dozens of clients. From then till now we never looked back and managed to establish ourselves as one of the market-leading business service providers. Globalization Solutions proudly serves more than 250 of the Global 1000, numerous government agencies, and some of the world’s largest nonprofit organizations. Our sustained growth is attributed to our focus and commitment to our thousands of full-time professionals.

Our Core Values

Our core values give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions and help us enjoy
our time at work. Our people-first approach prioritizes satisfaction in life over job satisfaction. As we
believe putting employees first is the surest path to exceptional customer service and financial success.


Striving at all times to do what’s right and adhere to the highest ethical standards.


Value the perspectives and expertise of our employees and allow the best ideas and insights to surface.


Achieving high-quality results by continuous improvement and superb execution.


We value the importance of understanding your history and motivations.


Working as a team gives us the ability to work together toward a common vision.


Going beyond the commonplace to break new ground.

Get an opportunity to utilize local assets

A well-knit association created in the local market by our team at Globalization Solutions will provide a golden opportunity for companies joining hands with us in accessing local assets. We make sure that the best candidates are chosen for creating your company's workforce and only the best local assistance is provided to them.

Collaborative approach

We make sure our clients are always treated as a business partner and not as a customer. We believe in growing up as an organization with our clients, by guiding them through the ventures of Globalization and maintaining a business overseas, and thereby gaining appreciation from them and growing up as a company as well.

Why choose Globalization Solutions?

When you join hands with Globalization Solutions, you are provided with hassle-free international hiring and can commence operations within days.
We enable you to hire without an entity and make global expansion.

Transparent Strategies

We conduct every service associated with company Globalization and workforce hiring maintaining only legal and transparent strategies.

Comprehensive Approach

At Globalization Solutions, we make sure all your requirements are fulfilled in the best possible ways. Our services are tailored according to your business requirements.

Overseas Expansion Partner

Be it hiring a global workforce, managing payroll, compliance, or taxation we will guide you with top-notch services.

End to End Service Delivery

Flexible, end-to-end solution covering as much or as little as required, from sourcing talent to on-boarding and payrolling.

Work with Us

See what it’s like to be part of an international team that works hard, but plays hard, too. Our people are passionate, our work is results-driven, and our perks exceed expectations.

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